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Thread: Sound Issues

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    I'm at my wits end now and ready to format because I can't stand not being able to hear sounds or play my music....

    I've got a K7 810LM, SIS onboard sound using W2K which for some reason just stopped working. When I try to use anything with sound it claims the sound card is in use...I've checked hardware no errors. THere is nothing else open that is using the sound card either. I have lost my volume control on the systray and when I go into sound options the volume option is greyed out. I've disabled the sound, still says sound card in use. I've reset IRQ's same deal. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers...same deal. I even went and pulled a working C-media PCI sound card from another system and plugged it into this one after disabling the onboard sound and it STILL claims the sound card is in use. I then uninstalled that one and right now I have none of the hardware installed for either one but yet I still get sound card in use. It's driving me mad...

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    Shoot, i got that mobo, and ive never had a that prob, Your option may be now to reformat and reinstall, as it doesnt sound like a hardware issue, but more of a software problem.

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    Yea thats what I kinda figured...damn....guess first I'll try to just reload W2K over itself now and see if that helped, otherwise reformat time.

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    Just an update and a complaint lol...

    never will I buy onboard crap again for the convenience...because of that onboard sound card my HD got toasted...had to take it to a friends pc so he could format it because on this pc I was getting BSOD of initialization failures before it would even boot up fully....unreal...

    that suckers disabled now and I think I'm gonna start looking for another mobo and parts to go with it just in case this happens again cuz its gonna be trash then. the meantime I do have sound now from a card I bought...:rolleyes:

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