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Thread: Audigy problems and question

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    The problem I'm about to explain has occured both on the new system I have setup and my old one, so it is reoccuring and I'm not sure why. I purchased an OEM Audigy from Ebay and stuck it in my computer. WinXP identified the new hardware and installed something to get the sound working, but when I use the drivers disk to try and install the extras it says something to the effect that no Audigy soundcard can be found on my system.

    Can anyone help me figure out what seems to be the problem because there is most definitely an Audigy soundcard plugged in and working, just not at its full potential. Is it even worth bothering with since my EpoX 8RDA3+ comes with onboard sound? I know it's not the Soundstorm certified audio, but would it suffice? I do play a lot of games and music on my computer, but if its only slightly worse then the sound coming out of an Audigy (and I can't seem to solve that problem) then I wouldn't even bother buying a new Audigy.

    AMD 2500+ Barton @ 2.0 gHz
    EpoX 8RDA3+
    512MB Corsair XMS PC3200
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro w/Cat 4.7's
    SB Audigy
    WD 7200RPM 80GB HD w/8 MB cache
    MSI Dragonwriter CD-RW
    Pacific Digital DVD-ROM

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    If you have your FSB overclocked, I would first return it back to stock. Then retry installing it.

    I would also not let M$ install the drivers itself. After you uninstall the software and the soundcard via the device manager.
    Reboot, confirm it is all deleted. Then shutdown, install the card. Leave the Audigy disk in the drive. When it boots and says it found new hardware, cancel it. Then double click on the CD and let it autorun and install the software and drivers on its own.
    OR go to the device manager if M$ installs some crap again, and click on the sound card device in the device manager, and click on install driver, and install the driver from the disk you have. Then install the extra software you wish by double clicking on the drive the cd is in.

    I am not sure how much you are into sound and gaming and all that.
    I personally have always used onboard sound since about 2 years ago when they started coming out with some good sound chips.
    I also just don't play that many games, nor are any of my computers used to solely listen to music. I have a nice home THX. So I have never really had the need.
    I guess you could say I am against using PCI soundcards, cause I don't need them.

    Since you already spent the money I would try what I listed above and see if it works. If not, then use the onboard and see if you are happy with it.

    Someone else might also have a better idea of installing the sound card I am unaware of or left out.

    Good luck,

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