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Thread: 20gigs of MP3's wanted to play on home THX

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    My wife wants me to put ione of my computers downstairs with theh big screen(53") so se can play the 20gigs of MP3's that I have. I got them from a buddy that literally spent months downloading, naming, categorizing, and making the best set of MP3's I have ever seen in my life. I have everything from every artist, genre, ect. It is amazing. If we have a party, I just set m computer up and let people just use it like a juke box.
    At the time all they had was USB 1.1 or firewire portable harddrives. I hate firewire, so I opted for the USB one since almost evyone has usb and not firewire. Its funny thouhg,it takes 7 hours to transfer them from my 2ogig portable harddrive to my computer. It is worth it for ALL THAT MUSIC. I am actually transferring them to my newest system listed in my sig so I can have them in hard storage.

    I told her I will if she buys me an ATI 9800 AIW, I would put a system in the living room. Fat chance.

    Does anybody know what and where I can get the cord necessary to play my MP3's on my home stereo system. I have a $1800 Yamaha reciever with every possible connector on the back.
    OR the best way (cheapest as well) to play them on my THX.
    I would appreciate it. I REALLY want to try that out and maybe even make one of my systems dedicated to my entertainment system like someone here has hdone. I don't know how to do all of that so I will need some help.

    Thanks in advance,

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    getting a 3.5mm RCA adaptor is all you should need. it has a headphone plug on the end, splitting into 2 cords: a red and white plugs.

    put the 3.5mm in the back of your soundcard, and the white and red plugs in back of your amplifer, AUX i think it is. set it to AUX and play away.


    you should be able to get this cord from a electronics or electrical store, also i have seen them in major supermarkets.
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    Thats the setup I got.
    Games kick ass with a nice subwoofer. :shoot3:

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