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Thread: Anyone know how to connect a "non-pc speakers" to

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    I was wondering does anyone knows how to join a stereo speakers, which I took from my home theater set, to my pc? My pc speakers are powered and the stereo speakers have a cable which is splitted into 2,but its stick together.... Hope soemone could give me a clue! ;) Thanks!

    p.s its a center speaker.

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    you will need a amplifer for that, unless you want to get in some complicated soldering, which probably isnt worth the effort anyway.

    if you mean that the individual speakers have a black and red cord going into them, you will need a amplifier of some sort for them to go from. then all you need is a 3.5mm to RCA adaptop (a headphone plug at one end, splitting into 2 cords: red and white plugs. put them in your AUX input at the back of the amp, and the 3.5 into your normal listening socket in your soundcard. set your amplifier to aux and you should be good.
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