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Thread: Mulitimedia Query

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    I'm looking to find a neat, aesthetic looking way, for watching my divx movies, and playing my emulations on my rear projection screen.

    My mum wants to view my divx, and im trying to find a way to purchase a new shuttle barebone pc, for the entertainment room.

    Am i able to view the divx on the tv with my current TV ?

    Also, if i do fork out the money to purchase a new shuttle pc, is it possible for me to receive decent sound. IE: 5.1 dolby digital.

    The current downstairs setup runs the DVD with dolby 5.1

    Running through the receiver of 5 x 85 i think.

    So what connections, cables etc, would i need to make my mulitmedia pc possible ??

    All opinions and help required.

    If listing products could you please attempt to display them in $AUS and if there is an Australian seller of the product.

    Much, very much appreciated.

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    I can't say from experience, but from looking around the Mega PC by MSI is a very nice looking little box, and has the performance factor as well. You put in your own video card, so you could even stick in an All In Wonder for TV input / recording. From memory, it supports digital 5.1 as well (could be wrong). A friend of mine was gonna get one a while ago, and it would have cost him about $800 + cost for a HDD to get it set up...

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