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Thread: Car audio

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    Just installed a computer into my car. Have a little 7inch screen in the dash for my video so i can play all my mp3's. The problem i ran into was that i was getting this awful sound in the background. I'm using the little mini port on the back of the sound card and have rca inputs on my radio.

    After a few seconds i quickly realized it was because of the ground difference. I'm using a dc to ac converter to power up the pc and the differences in grounds will cause a problem.

    So then i decided to attach a wire to one of the screws on the back of the computer case and take the other end to some type of ground in the car. Which took out about 95% of the noise. Now i can only hear it at low volumes or when no music is playing

    What i want to know is if i can take one of the black wires on the powersupply and run it directly to ground on the car so they both have the same ground or 0voltage to eliminate all the noise between the two devices. Dont see why this would cause a problem. I know it wont hurt the car just want to make sure it wont fry the powersupply. Anyone have any ideas or tried this before??


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    my carputer works fine. no noise.
    But what you said, wont matter, as connecting ground to PSU or case is the same thing. So if ya want to go ahead and try, but dont expect much.
    BTW, they do make noise filters that could be helpful.
    Also check out, they got gr8 forums with lots of info about exactly whay you want to do. :thumb:

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