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Thread: what do you use for playing media files?

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    I use...
    • Winamp 5 for .mp3 files (plus my kickass skins :D)
    • Windows Media Player 9 Series for most files like .mpg, .asf, etc.
    • Quicktime (6?) for .mov and .qt files.
    • DivX 2.5.1 for .avi files
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    Quote Originally Posted by minibubba
    By 'quite well' I mean they meet all my expections
    Good. :thumb:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The__tweaker
    "quite well" Isn't always good enough for many ppl including myself. That's a part of the reason why the majority of media creators/editors/viewers don't use software like goofball & glueball to play their media.

    you mean to say they use WMP 9? you gotta be kidding :rofl:
    anyways i will back WMP 9 as thats imo the best bet on a "Windows" based system.
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    what do people think about iTunes for mp3's? i thought i would try it today and found it not as simple as Winamp, with playlists etc.

    btw, i use the default XP version of Windows Media Player, and Winamp 2. its worked wonders for me for years so i have no complaints :)
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    i hate the amount of system resources window media player 7/8/9 use so what I did is made is associated all the video file formats with the original media player. i still like it better for video the interface is very minimal so i use mplayer2.exe instead of wmplayer.exe

    I use winamp 2 mostly for music..

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    I'm kinda fond of MUSICMATCH v.8 for music. I use Media Player v 9 and Power DVD for Video

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