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Thread: Laptop LCD Drivers - Magick of Myth?

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    mebe this is a dumb question...but i have searched the web for days, weeks, whatever, i cannot find one clue. so...obviously your average laptop LCD display screen is pretty low maintainance plug n play whatever...but, well, i m a tweaker, especially when it comes to colour quality, etc, so i always replace my plug n play drivers with real ones that are up to date and generally work better. but then there are laptops...the LCD screen that comes attatched to a laptop never seams to have a driver associated with it, you cannot find drivers for them anywhere, and if you are lucky you end up with some default standard LCD screen driver, or just default monitor. this does nothing to make me feel that my screen is functioning at all properly, much less at peak efficiency or quality. and the resolution, colour, etc. options are just kind of made up, and hopefully they just work. don't get me wrong, i have no problems right now, but there has got to be something better than this? or is it just a myth, and drivers for laptop screens simply do not exist, and all i can do is let my OS do whatever it wants, in which case are there default, standard drivers at least that i can use? any ideas where? manufacturer pages are quite useless in these regards.

    any knowledgable assistance on this topic would be most appreciated.

    by the way, the systems i am currently concerned with are:

    Dell Inspiron 600m (Windows XP)

    HP Pavillion n3??? Notebook (Windows 98)

    thank you for your time!:confused:

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    i usually just use the generic laptop display panel drivers for whatever the default resolution of the laptop screen is..

    LCDs generally run @ 60hz refresh anyway so it shouldn't make much difference..

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