I have the Geforce FX 5600 256MB. It has S-Video out and I am trying to use Sony 19" A400 monitor and a Philips Magnavox 27" TV. The S-video adapter to RCA is used to hook it up to the TV. I set my video card option to "Clone" so the TV will have the same thing as what's on the monitor. It gives me 2 options for resolution (800 x 600 and 1024 x 768). I have used both selections and the image is still too big for my TV. It makes my TV scroll when it gets to the edge of the screen. There is an option to lock the display, but that just keeps it in the same view. What I need to do is "zoom out". So I can see the entire desktop at one time on the TV. I have a Tview Gold that will plug into my SVGA-out then it goes into a box, then out comes RCA. This works fine, no matter what resolution my Monitor is set to. How can i get the same effect with the S-video port on my video card? Anybody know?