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Thread: How Can I Burn To Ten Drives From My Hdd? Just Hear Me Out

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    I am building a server using a Gemini CF-100s Server Case with 10 exposed 5.25" drive bays and 3 internal 3.5" HDD slots. Dual Tyan Tiger Mp MthrBrd. fitted w/ 2 Athlon MP 2800+'s and a 120GB Seagate ...with that said my question is this before i go out and buy ten DVD+/-R drives is HOW CAN I GET ALL TEN DRIVES TO BURN SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM THE HDD.!?!?!?!
    Someone suggested daisychaining them using an ATAPI-to-firewire bridgeboard, however that wouldnt be very cost effective besides i believe the limit is 8, so if it can be done with a SCSI connection or in any other fashion let me know please let me know. Any information on burning in this manner would be greatly appreciated..Any information on SOFTWARE that would be used for HDD to Multiple Drive duplication would be a help also.


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    Software is the easy part. Nero works fine with multiple burners.

    As for the setup, then you could either go for a SCSI drive setup as well as IDE drives (should be able to do it all from 1 SCSI controller and the onboard IDE controller). However, that'll be costly. Another way is to look for PCI IDE controller cards that support non-HDD IDE devices. I wouldn't exactly trust a Firewire daisychain when you're using something like DVD burners.

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    daisychaining firewire would yeild horrible burninng speeeds as welll as possible errors. 480mbps bandwith may seem high, but if put to a big load you will see it quickly slow down yo a crawl.
    SCSI or IDE controllers are you only options.
    Anything beyond that would be some kind of funky mix of USB2/Firewire/IDE combination that will be a pain to setup and hard to work with.

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