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Thread: No Sound Through Headphone on CD-ROMs

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    Hello, This is my first occasion to use this forum, so I may not be doing it quite right. Please be patient.

    I just finished building my first computer and have encountered a problem I can't seem to overcome. I cannot get sound from my two optical drives' headphone mini-jacks: TDK 24x10x40B CD writer, and Toshiba XM-62 CD-ROM (both with variable sound controls). I can, however, get CDs to play out through the desktop speakers and through the FSB headphone jack, which leads me to believe both drives are functioning properly. I also checked on firmware and driver downloads for each of the two drives, but came up empty on both counts. I ran a patch cord from the back of the two CD-ROM units' audio connectors to the CD1 (four prong) connection on the motherboard, but I have been told by Asus tech support those are merely output connections and would have no effect on sound coming through the front jacks of the drives, and furthermore, they know of no such problems stemming from a defect in the motherboard.

    System components:

    Motherboard: Asus p4pe-x
    CPU: Intel P4 2.4mhz
    SDRAM: Kingston 512m pc3200 400 FSB
    Operating System: Windows XP Pro (with latest Service Pack - 1a)

    I have turned off the Digital Audio option for both drives in Properties as advised in the Troubleshooting section for the drives.

    What is it I'm overlooking?

    Any help you can shed on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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    I found the answer to my problem through a very knowledgable friend.

    My friend pointed out that the CD Player that comes bundled with the operating system via Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment didn't recognize the audio cd in the drive, which led him to believe it was a software problem and not hardware.

    The next step was to weed out the problem via elimination. He did so by going to My Computer and double-clicking the drive with the CD in it. Music Match acted as the default CD player, so we began by uninstalling it, and voila, it solved the problem. I had downloaded "Music Match" for listening to their radio stations and was completely unaware it was taking over the machine and not allowing sound through the headphone jacks on both CD-ROM machines.

    I had spent a couple of weeks trying to narrow down the problem. I did all the obvious things such as turning off the "Enable Digital Sound" in the Properties of each drive and other things recommended in the Troubleshooting section in the drive, and changing the digital settings to analog settings in Windows Media Player, all without favorable results.

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    You need to have the drive connected to your sound card first :wink:
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