Is it possible to record my mp3's to audio cd wav in the 96000khz 24 bit stereo instead of 44100khz 16 bit stereo. I burned 18 mp3 songlist onto a cd in roxio 6 into audio 1411 44100khz wav 16 bit stereo. but i can also load a mp3 on system, and record What you hear! in 24 bit wav stereo 96000khz and playback to my system. yet we can only record back again to audio cd at a maximum of 44100khz 16 bit stereo wav. Is it because cd's can't produce quality any higher than 44100khz or 48000khz. and so only dvd's can produce quality at all these settings and support a maximum of 106db and pass the 96khz barrier, or am i wrong????