sound through all speakers is a good improvement for me but still problems arise. I had to switch the upmix button on the sub to 6.1 to 7.1... then I chose 6.1 speaker setup in multimedia properties. Creative see's my configuration as the following.

front left| front centre| front right| rear left| rear centre| rear right
one speaker is missed out

I still have some queries. The main sound is good high fidelity coming from front left and front right speaker, but the front centre satellite is not giving out the same proportion of sound or shouldn't it be better. Creative say that the sub is supposed to give out a 20 watt rms output over the other 6 channels 8 watt rms.

The volume for the front centre, the rear left, the rear centre, and the rear right I can hardly hear. Most of the noise seems to come from the front left and front right. Why do Creative miss one of my speakers out of the test. What could be configured wrong.