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Thread: Lost Center Channel

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    Cool Lost Center Channel

    I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe V2 (Bios v1.007) and I am using the onboard Soundstorm Sound Card, it is plugged into a Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5500, and I am using the Coaxial out on the motherboard and the coaxial in on the Creative Labs unit.

    Problem is I have lost my center speaker.
    It no longer works when playing games, or DVD's or MP3's.
    Thing is when I run the speaker wizzard I get sound from the center Speaker, but not any other time.
    Mp3's, Games and DVD's all used to work in lovely 5.1 but now they only work in 4.1, only front left and right, Rear Left & Right and the subwoofer work now.

    I have checked all software settings all is fine, have tried powerdvd in 2 channel (in 2 channel mode the soundstorm card used to make everything 5.1), 6 channel and spidif out, but I only ever get 4.1.
    I have tried uninstalling Nforce drivers and reinstalling them, but no joy.

    I don't know what version the nforce drivers are but they are the latest ones (using Audio driver 4.31 WHQL).

    I'm running Windows XP, all patches installed (via autopatcher XP and windows update) Directx 9.0c (problem started before I installed 9.0c), Latest nforce drivers (not using IDE drivers as my DVD-RW don't like em).

    Only thing I have installed Recently was Nero VisionExpress, but I uninstalled that incase it was causing the problems & an update for my Anti-Virus Program (f-prot).

    Please let me know it's an easy fix as I don't reallt want to have to re-install windows just to get my center channel working again!!!

    Thanks for any help :)

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    Guess that's a nope then :(

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    Default Re: Lost Center Channel

    Welp I fixed it.

    Had to uninstall Nforce Drivers (v4.24), reboot, install nforce v3.13 drivers (as they had the old style sound controll pannel),reboot, setup my speakers to 6 speakers, told it to create center and LFE channels, tested with an MP3 & got sound from all 6 speakers. tested with a game of Zero Hour, had sound in center speaker again.
    Installed v4.24 drivers again, but did not install audio driver, rebooted tested and it still worked, got the v3.41 Audio driver from windows update, Tested and it worked fine.
    Then installed the new version of the Sound controll pannel that was released as a seperate audio driver download, Tested and it still works ok.

    Back to the happyness that it 5.1 Dolby Digital :)

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    Default Re: Lost Center Channel

    sorry - never saw this thread before.

    The new drivers do not create their own center channel by summing the L and R channel. This is because of conflict that can be caused by DVD's that are coded for 5.1 channel. IMO, this is a better situation than creating a false centre channel. If you have a false channel, you are creating a mono output that will override the subtle unique coding that could come through the centre (provided it is coded for.)

    The main purpose of the centre channel is to provide forward dialogue so that when actors etc are talking it helps it to appear as if it is coming from the screen. Other than this, the L and R speakers, if set up properly will more than provide that soundstage that can immerse you in your game or movie.

    IMHO the newer drivers are much better, because they allow you to take more control over what your sub channel is doing. and it allows you to use your speakers for what they are intended... quality sound.

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