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Thread: DVD Audio question

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    Default DVD Audio question

    A mate of mine recently purchased a Pioneer DVD burner (107D) and discovered there was no audio cable packaged with it. went back to the shop and asked for said cable and was promptly told that he did'nt need it if his soundcard was configured properly. HUH? it possible to hear sound from a DVD burner if its not connected via cable to soundcard?...and if so how?
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    Yup. The IDE (or SATA) cable provides the means for digital audio to run down the data cable, eliminating the need for an audio cable. IIRC, it's been this way for a few years now. One less cable to clutter up the case.

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    It gets played via software now, not hardware. Although, if you try play an older game that relies on CD audio for it's music, it might not work.

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