Sorry if I'm rehashing an old discussion but I'm having a lot of trouble being able to use my 4.1 speaker system and headphones without having to go to the back of my box and play with the plugs. I have Creative SBS 4.1 450 Speakers plugged into line out 2 & 3 and they calibrate well. I have my labtec stereo headphones plugged into line out 1 and microphone. This is the only way I can get 4.1 sound from the speakers but no sound comes from the headphones. If I plug the phones into line out 3 & microphone I can calibrate the headphones and hear properly but only get poor mono sound from the rear channel. I tried playing with the software but I can't get the headphones and microphone to work at all. Is there something I can do that I'm missing or is it a matter of playing with the plugs each time I wish to use the headphones and microphone? Any good tutorials you can point me to, I'm losing my mind. Thanks very much everyone!