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Thread: bad shading/color blend

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    Default bad shading/color blend

    my problem is that if i have anything on the screen with a bunch of colors, such as a movie, game etc. the colors do not blend, like if im watching a movie, instead of having black i get a purplish shade while watching a movie or playing a game, people look as if they are standing in the shade or of some sort with the purple instead of black. or looks like as if theres a glare on the in the computer itself.

    i was wondering if anyone has had a problem like mine or can fix it, im sorry for the pretty bad description of my problem but i guess this is the best way i can describe it, someone pls help me.

    p4 2.4e gig cpu
    2x512 kingston ddr 2700 ram
    120 gig western digital hdd
    160 gig western digital hdd
    radeon 9500 pro vidcard (made by saphhire tech)
    soyo px 400 dragon lite mobo

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    Default Re: bad shading/color blend

    In the advanced properties of your video card you should find a color tab. If there have been no changes made in this area, you may have a faulty card. With any luck it will still be covered under warranty and you can RMA it.
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    Default Re: bad shading/color blend

    ty i guess it is my video card since i reformated and it still looks like crap

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