I currently own an audigy 2zs which is use with an Altec Lansing 2100. http://www.alteclansing.com/product_...s.asp?pID=2100
I am considering upgrading to an Altec Lansin MX-5021 which i believe would do more justice to my soundcard. http://www.alteclansing.com/product_...asp?pID=MX5021
I can get them for $120US where i live which i believe is good value. Is this a worthwhile upgrade and will i notice a big difference. If you know any better speakers in the same price range please reccomend. I don't have room for surround sound and anyway i would rather spend on a good quality 2.1 than a low quality 5.1.

My main query regards wall mounting my new speakers. My PC desk at just 3 feet wide doesn't provide ideal spacing between left and right channels with the speakers on desktop. If i wall mount i can increase that to almost 5 feet which should give a better soundstage. My pc is in the corner of a room and the desk is angled to make two 45 degree angles with the two walls (i.e. an isoceles triangle).So if i wall mount the left and right satellites they will be at 90 degrees to each other and at 45 degrees to my sitting postion. They will however be facing almost straight at my ears. However i believe you are supposed to have your satellites facing straight ahead so im wondering if this arrangement is not ideal for best stereo effect in games and music. Also if its arranged at this angle will music not sound good when i am in a different part of the room (rather than at the desk inbetween the speakers).
I am also concerned about putting speakers against a wall. The following article scares me http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messa...79/118971.html
It warns against placing speakers in corners or inside walls. If i wall mount they will be a good 3 feet away from a corner with only the desk inbetween, not in a corner or inside a wall but obviously they will be against a wall. Is this ok for good sound?

Sorry if i sound too paranoid but im pretty particular about my acoustics.