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Thread: Yikes ! Soundblaster with Duke 3D........

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    Default Yikes ! Soundblaster with Duke 3D........

    To satisfy my urge for the good 'ol dos games which won't work on my XP, I bought a ten year old Gateway 4DX266. I installed Win 98 and a Soundblaster PCI 32 sound card. I missed playing Duke Nukem 3D and made the purchase primarily for Duke.Setup was a challenge in the sound area,though. I followed the instructions carefully for Apogee/3Drealms,as well as any help I could find online. Nothing I could find was specific to my problem. Here are the details:

    Gateway 4DX -66
    486 Pentium with 32 MG ram
    set current address to 220
    soundblaster setting - SB 16 or AWE 32
    current interrupt 7
    8 bit DMA - 1
    16 bit DMA - 7

    These are the settings I picked up from the devise manager's sound,game & video controllers submenu of "legacy devise",which lists the proper DOS settings for this card.

    BUT IT DOESN'T WORK !!! I tried all sorts of combinations...Nothing !! Is SB32 not compatible ? I even re-installed Duke, SB drivers, updated drivers, nothing . Anyone ?????

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    Default Re: Yikes ! Soundblaster with Duke 3D........

    I am not sure about Duke Nukem 3D, but all of the old dos games(like quake) I love and cherish, I have never seen one support a SB32. I also think a Win98 is a bit much for a 486 cpu. Try in Duke, just setting it for regular Soundblaster and imput it;s settings.

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    Default Re: Yikes ! Soundblaster with Duke 3D........

    It looks like you set the device properties under the device itself (within Windows). If I recall correctly, you MUST have the proper settings within your autoexec.bat and config.sys files. You'll also have to run the game in a DOS environment... at least I think I can remember all kinds of issues with running it under Windows. You might try booting with an old DOS boot disk with proper autoexec.bat and config.sys commands and then run the game under DOS. Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Yikes ! Soundblaster with Duke 3D........

    To be honest, I've got Duke3D Atomic Edition running on a WinXP Pro SP2 box using DOSBox. It allows soundcard emulation, processor cycle alteration, RAM limits, everything. I even have TP7 programmed games (333MHz ceiling) like Tyrian running perfectly.

    However, having a vintage box is fun. The easiest way to get DOS games running it to format a bootdisk. It's been a while since I last ran Win9x, but I'm pretty sure I can remember what's needed.

    Format the disk through Windows (with system disk switch set). If you're gonna use a mouse and controller, make sure you have some legacy drivers ready. Make sure their lines are in the disk's AUTOEXEC.BAT for executables, or in CONFIG.SYS. For Sound Blaster configuration, I remember D3D having issues with a lowDMA higher than 5. Try this command in your CONFIG.SYS:

    SET BLASTER=a220 i5 d1 h5 t6 (did I miss any argument? It's been a while since I last set an environment string)

    That line will emulate your card as a SB16 (t=model, 6=SB16). Some older games had an issue with SB32 (like Menzoberranzan, Epic Pinball, and Extreme Pinball), and setting DOS card emulation to an older model always corrected the issue

    Then, in D3D's setup, set your card as a SB16, then set your config to match the line. If, for some reason, that doesn't work, set i7 and h7, but make sure the environment string exists, period.

    The reason I say use a bootdisk is that many issues have been known to result from Windows components that are not unloaded when you swap to DOS mode from a Windows boot. Tyrian, Menzoberranzen, Bioforce, and Extreme Pinball are four that I know personally.
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