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Thread: Splinter Cell - Error: memory could not be "written"

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    Question Splinter Cell - Error: memory could not be "written"

    Splinter Cell - memory could not be "written" error
    <HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->hello,
    I have tried the demo for Splinter Cell and the full game SC:Pandora Tomorrow. I can launch the game and create a profile but the game always crashes when the game is loading. The crashes always reference the file: d3ddrv.dll. I have already tested and my pc is more than capable for this game. I am using an HP a815n desktop. 3.06 GHz, 512MB RAM , Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Video card. 160 GB HD with plenty of space. Here is more info regarding the error that may be useful:
    AppName: splintercell2.exe AppVer: ModName: d3ddrv.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0000fbe2. Exception 0x80000003. I also get the error :
    The instruction at "0x1015711b" referenced memory at "0x00000408" the memory could not be "written"

    Please help!!!

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    Default Re: Splinter Cell - Error: memory could not be "written"

    Yeah, I am getting the same error. Have you located a fix for this yet? Let me know. Thanks

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    Default Re: Splinter Cell - Error: memory could not be "written"

    The error looks to be a conflict of some sort with the Direct3D driver used by the game. Given that the first comment looks to use an inbred (and older) Intel video solution I'm betting that the problem will be that the graphics adapter being used is unable to handle the requirements of the game engine. Since I don't know your video board, SViper, I can only guess that you might be having the same problem? Make sure that your system requirements and your system are in the same league.

    And as always, make sure you have recent video drivers as well as the latest version of the demo. Even though it is free, most reputable game makers will update their demo to correct problems since it is a direct reflection of their product they're selling.
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    Default Re: Splinter Cell - Error: memory could not be "written"

    My video card is Geforce4 MX440
    Update Driver to Vision:nVidia 71.89, DX9.0En

    Doesn't work ! The same sentence pop-up again: "0x1015711b" referenced memory at "0x00000408" the memory could not be "written"

    How can I do???

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    Default Re: Splinter Cell - Error: memory could not be "written"

    My Video Card is not supported by this game. FXXX!

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    Default had this too

    let me give a detailed "optical" report on this crash.
    You start up the Software, the Sony Ericsson OpSat appears,
    andyou can click 3 buttons:
    -start game
    -exit to windows
    when you press start game, all well.
    But when you entered the name, and hit enter, the loading screen appears,
    and you can see the pandora text being filled.
    when it ended, loading... appears next to the text!
    black screen is visual, and you hear a part of a sound, after that the program minimizes, and crashes!
    The crash is mindbreaking but infact it is something with D3Ddrv.dll
    if YOU see this post and know the answer, pls reply here!

    i would like tht, thnx anyway, and i hope i could help you guys with the optical report i made

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