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Thread: Monitor clicks on then off

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    Default Monitor clicks on then off

    My monitor clicks on then clicks into like a standby mode immediatly after computer is turned on. The screen just goes blank but the light on the monitor stays on. It goes from a green light to a orange light on the monitor after I turn on tower. The only thing coming on inside the tower is the fan and the light on the cd drive flashes. The hard drive is a brand new maxtor 80gb. The computer was working no problem until I bought a new desk and unhooked everything to set it up on desk. When I turned it on again after hooking everything back up this is what it was doing. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Monitor clicks on then off

    Is your video integrated or a separate card?

    If it's a card, it's possible that it came loose while you were moving things. Open your computer, unseat the card, reseat it, then turn your computer back on.

    If it's integrated, there's a chance that the GPU randomly burned out (some compaq models are notorious for this, from my experience). Besides, if you have onboard video, you should get an off board card, anyway. Onboard is rarely worth the silicon it's made of.
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