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Thread: video problems and more...

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    Alright, so I agreed to help a friend solve her computer problems. I took the thing home and plugged it in. Now, the monitor will not display anything. It just goes on standby. What the heck is going on???

    The computer is a Hatch. They make childrens electrons and this stupid little thing. It has XP Pro for some odd reason (it doesn't need it). I first suspected the computer had some heat problems. I opened it up and there was TONS OF DUST. I almost gagged because I blew on it and a dust cloud arrose! The computer has a number of problems. It has atleast 9 spyware programs and atleast 1 trojan, so it is really loaded with problems. The owner even thought that it had a few viruses. So, this a very problematic pc, indeed.

    Sorry for being so crude, but this is really frustrating. I know the monitor works.

    I was thinking of putting the hard drive in an old computer, but I really don't want to mess with the cables and other stuff, because it is not mine.

    I did notice that the activity light doesn't do anything when you turn it on. Is the processor not working? ( I know it's off topic, but there isn't really a group for crapped out computers that need to be pitched)

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED since this is really a mess.

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    I forgot to mention that it has an evga ti 4200 video card and P4 2.4.

    Well, here are a few more details. Everytime I turn it on, it checks the cd drive, turns on the keyboard and mouse, and then blinks the activity light once. It doesn't seem like there is any power going to the motherboard, processor and video card. The fans turn on, but that's about it. The processor doesn't make any noise!? Maybe something else is going on?

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    Is it going on standby or powering off? I'd suggest throwing the hard disk in another system and doing a fresh install of Windows. If your still not getting any loading screens after that then I'd start looking into bad components. Some motherboards will halt if they detect a bad device. I once had a modem go bad and it caused the system to go into a continuous rebooting loop. Once I removed it the problem was solved.

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    This thread is closed. I called the company after opening it up and they said it was toast. The computer was solid grey inside!!! The heatsink and fan were just covered with that stuff.

    So, this thread is done, computer's dead, and my friend is not too happy their computer is dead.

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    Umm called the company that built this thing and somehow they were able to convince you that the whole computer was toast huh?? Did they also offer to sell you a new one and /or offer to email some ice cream as well? Can you just set the thing in my backyard instead of throwing it out?

    It is highly unlikely that the whole thing is toast. So far from what you've said the thing needs a really good cleaning and it would be a good idea to reseat the ram, then the pci and agp cards. If that doesn't do the trick then it comes down to some part by part diagnosis attempts.

    As for the idea of installing Windows in another system then putting the hard drive back .... bad idea. I guess the loading screens might work but often that would be as far as it got since most of the drivers would be wrong.
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    So did you blow on it hard enough (or use compressed air) to get rid of all the dust thoroughly and try again? (companies like to make $'s so that's a pretty standard answer, did they make you an offer on a new one?).

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    Nope, they never made an offer. Their tech support sucks. And I opened everything else up and found that the cpu was fried. The computer was 4 1/2 years old and the warranty had long expired. The pos had everything wrong with it that could possibly go wrong. The cooling system was one of the WORST I have ever seen. The computer was bound to die of a heat failure from day one. The company even said that they have had dozens of computers die from heat related problems. The owner's aunt even had the same computer and it died from a heat related problem (she took it to computer associates and they said that the psu, cpu, and mobo were are burned from a massive overheat. So there... DON'T BUY YOUR KID A HATCH COMPUTER PERIOD

    Here is the full report I sent to the owners:
    Your computer suffered from a massive heating problem. It was evident that there was not enough air circulation throughout the case. There was also an excessive amount of dust covering all vital heat removal devices. The lack of circulation in the case was caused by a lack of proper intake openings and exhaust fans. Your computer had a small, 3x1 inch opening in the front of the computer to let air enter the computer. The air would then travel around the hard drive and would be heated by the hard drive. This would allow the hard drive to get sufficient cooling, but it would starve the rest of the computer from proper airflow temperature (the air coming into the rest of the computer would be too hot and cause it to overheat quickly).

    Another major problem with the cooling was that the cooling system was sucking in vast quantities of dust. Of all the computers I have opened up, I have never seen more dust collected over everything than this computer. Dust was collecting on every surface. This includes all the cables and fans. Dust absorbs heat fast and stores it for a long time. It is almost a form of insulation. When dust collects over everything, like in your case, it insulates the case and does not allow the computer to shed heat. It keeps it inside the case and heats everything inside.

    One area where the dust collection would be a problem is the heat sink. The heat sink is seated directly on top of the processor. The heat sink cools the processor and is absolutely necessary to keep any processor cool. The heat sink looks like a small radiator. If the processor gets too hot, then you will notice that your computer will slow down and it will eventually restart because all computers are programmed to restart when they reach a certain temperature. In your case, there was a fan mounted on top of the heat sink. This is an excellent idea. It allows the heat sink to gain more surface area and cool the processor better. But it does have one downfall. If dust gets behind the fan, it immediately sticks to the heat sink. This actually sends hot air to the processor. This also happened to your computer. Not good.

    Another factor that contributed to the overheating was the lack of an adequate fan. There was only one fan for ventilation in the case. It was a small 40mm fan that sounded more like a jet engine. It does not provide proper airflow. The fan was an exhaust fan. It would suck air in through the small opening in the front of the computer. The air would then by heated by the hard drive. Then, the air would pass over the rest of the internal parts. This would heat the computer more than cool it. The air would then exit out the back. I believe that the computer was located in a small enclosure. This would cause a restriction for the heated exhaust air. If this would happen, the dust in the air would have enough time to settle, instead of exiting.

    There were some other signs of overheating. Your computer benefited from a video card. A video card is a device that improves the image quality on the screen. For instance, a lousy video card would produce block like images. A good video card would provide crisp and colorful images. All video cards have a sticker on the back that identifies it. This sticker was partially melted and was covered with dust. These stickers donít come off easily and require some large amounts of heat to melt. The video card also had a fan which ceased to work. It appeared that it had been dead for a while since dust was already collecting on the inside of the fan.

    I tried numerous times to get the computer to start. Each time, it would start the fans, blink the processor light (this tells if the processor is busy or transferring data and is located below the power button and across from the reset button). I then called Hatch. I explained to the technical advisor that I was trying to remove some spyware and viruses and the computer would not properly start. I had just opened the case and saw the gray mass of dust that had collected over the internal parts of the computer. The tech guy said that it was an electrical problem Ė possibly the power supply. The power supply is located in the back of the computer as a single unit. You use this to connect to the outlet. The power supply makes the electricity stable enough to power the items inside the computer. It also splits it up into separate cables for fans and the like. The tech guy and I finally agreed that something vital hard burned up."

    I know it's it simple terms because the owners don't know a thing about computers. I don't have time to doctor it up. So there.

    The moral is: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PURCHASE A HATCH BRAND COMPUTER. THEIR COMPUTERS ARE DESTINED TO FAIL AND ARE WORTHLESS. I feel sorry for the people who bought these pos hatch computers.

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