I am working with a Compaq Presario SR1111NX, 1.2 GHz, MS-6577 MOBO, 748 MB Ram, 30 GB HD, running XP Home SP2.

I was told that the sound doesn't work.

When the PC is rebooted it does not recognize either the On-Board sound (Realtek AC97) or a Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI Card.

When I look under the Control Panel the "Sounds and Multimedia" show "No Audio Device" until I Update the Driver. Upon reboot it will do the same and show "No Audio Device"

This has been the case with both the On-Board Sound (Realtek AC97) and an installed Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI Card.

When installing the Sound Blaster card I did disable the On-Board Sound in BIOS.

Here's what I have done so far:
  • Uninstalled On-Board Sound and disabled -> Installed Sound Blaster in all PCI Slots -- Same result (I uninstalled each time)
  • Uninstalled Sound Blaster -> Re-installed drivers for On-Board Sound with current drivers from the HP Site -- Same result
  • Uninstalled and Re-Installed Windows Multimedia -- Same result
  • Updated BIOS from ver 3.1 to 3.25 (Assuming this is HP Firmware) -- Same result
I have talked to HP tech support. They told me to do the Multimedia.

Any help would be apprecited. I am thinking of reloading OS next and starting over.

Thank You.