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Thread: computer keeps restarting!!!!

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    Default Re: computer keeps restarting!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by samtse View Post
    hi dawg!

    cheers for advice, i will try each ram module on its own.

    i havent checked if the drivers for my motherboard are the latest ones.

    i dont know the make of my psu and im sure its not a famous brand. i got it from pcworld here in uk (pcworld is big chain of pc shops)

    i will try out your suggestions and let u know how it turns out...fingers crossed!



    1.I think u first check ur DirectX Window,that if everything is ok there(No DX errors r there).Try running all DX tests.If everything go well, then try using 1 ram stick at a time & then try to run the 3D Mark 06 again.

    2. U've not yet informed us that did u overclock nething ? If u did then
    try set them back to their default level.

    3. If possible, then try putting in a new PSU coz u know that u do have a powerfull system,so why not a branded PSU ? It can prove itself a serious bottleneck compare to other parts in ur machine.But I think, u should get one from one of ur friends(If he allowed to do so ) b4 going for buying a new one.

    4. As u've said that u r using an Asus mobo, u should download & install Asus PC Probe which is a very handy utility u can use to check all the RPMs & Voltages of ur system.
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