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Thread: Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?

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    Default Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?

    I currently have a Golden sample (overclocked) 6800GT card with 256MB DDR3
    ram. Now I wonder if I was to trade up to PCIe system, what would be the
    cheapest card with at least the same or slightly better performance I could
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    Default Re: Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?

    I researched AGP + PCIe motherboards some time ago and I seem to remember
    that there was a significant video performance compromise. Hopefully it's
    no longer an issue, but you might want to check it out.

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    Default Re: Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?

    A 7600 GT would keep up to it and a 7900 GS would outright smoke it.
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    Default Re: Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?

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    Default Re: Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?

    A 7900 or X1900 series card or a DX10 card would be a good upgrade. A 7600 series card would be a similar level of performance. As far as the performance difference of same-model PCI-E vs. AGP cards, there is none. AGP has more than sufficient bandwidth for modern GPUs.

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