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    Some times my monitors pulses on the sides. When I tap the side the light shakes even more. Is the bulb going? Is this expensive? Its a 10yr old $500 samsung syncmaster 900ift 22" monitor. Also because I never read the owners manual I always used windex on the screen and now some sort of dark glass covering is wearing off in some places. Is this stuff anti glare or something and would it be safe to remove it all? What should I use to remove the coating?

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    it should be safe to remove, what effect it'll have on your image thou, I've no idea.

    10 yrs out of a monitor = brilliant.

    Monitors don't have "bulbs" as such, its a cathode ray tube, hence crt monitor, it if does go, go out and buy a 22" widescreen LCD for 1/2 the price you paid for the CRT, it'll be easier than trying to repair the CRT.

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    Your monitor is on its way out. My ~8 yr old 19" started doing the "pulse" thing a few months back. I got a 37" LCD HDTV/Monitor and am glad I did.
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