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Thread: My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

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    Default My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

    Hi. I just joined this forum because of my darn little camera which just is not working right. I was wondering if you guys could help.

    Okay, now this is not a new problem, it's been like this since I bought the camera. When I plug it to the computer via USB cord, nothing happens once I co to my capturing software. I've installed and uninstalled countless times, but it never seems to have any effect.

    Every once in a while, though, I'll get it to work. Don't ask me how, because this occurs randmonly once in a blue moon.

    And Yes ,the problem is the camera, because I've tried to capture the video from Ulead Videostudios versions 6 and 9, virtualDub, AND Windows Movie MAker. All of these show errors, either saying that there is no capture device pluged in.

    Can ANYONE help me? Any help would be greatly appriciated, ASAP. I've got this project I'm wanting to do, but without a's nothing. Thanks you!


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    Default Re: My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

    I had a similar problem with my Samsung MiniDV, and for me the answer was I had to use Firewire connection for video, not USB which is for photos. Try a firewire (aka IEEE1394) cable, and a firewire interface card if your motherboard doesn't have it. The cable should have a smaller conector on one end for the camcorder and a larger connector on the PC. The larger one looks like this:

    Or if you can't get Firewire, try analog capture through S-Video.

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    Default Re: My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

    Thanks a lot. I had a feeling I might have to get a different kind of cord.

    BUt what I don't get is why it works lie, 10% of the time, and the rest it doesn't.

    Around how much does it cost?


    Oh, and I just remembered to tell you guys I work off of a Windows XP. Do I need a Mac to use the firewird cord?
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    Default Re: My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

    Check your motherboard to see if it supports it natively. Many do. If not, then you can find inexpensive add-on cards that give you the capability of using Firewire.
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    Default Re: My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

    Thanks, I just ordered one off of eBay right before I read your post. Thanks everyone! Let's hope it works!

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    Default Re: My MiniDV Samsung isn't working.

    Good luck!

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