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Thread: Creative Sound Blaster LIVE any good?

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    Default Creative Sound Blaster LIVE any good?

    Hey Guys.

    I have been looking around for a very cheap sound card to replace my crappy onboard sound.

    I have come accross something called a "Creative Sound Blaster LIVE".

    Does anyone know if it's any good?

    Is it better then OnBoard stuff?

    How does the Creative Sound Blaster LIVE compare, when against an AC'97 or Intel HD Audio sound?

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    Default Re: Creative Sound Blaster LIVE any good?

    Better than AC97, but not better than Intel HD Audio. Either get the Audigy SE which should be the same price as the Sound Blaster Live, or stick to onboard for now.
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    Default Re: Creative Sound Blaster LIVE any good?

    A friend of mine said, he may give me his Creative Sound Blaster LIVE...for free.
    Since he is upgrading.

    Is the sound card really that bad that I should decline his offer?

    I think I have the Realtek "ALC 650" Chipset, integrated on my motherboard.

    Does anyone, know how good the Realtek "ALC 650" Chipset is, when comparing integrated audio??????

    I do have a problem with the Hiss and Crackling at mid to high volume.

    Wouldn't the Creative Sound Blaster LIVE, be able to beat the Realtek ALC 650, into submission???????

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    Default Re: Creative Sound Blaster LIVE any good?

    I had a Sound Blaster Live!, and I can say that it was better then the Realtek on-board by far. Much ******* sound and better base - music sounded much better.

    I upgraded to X-Fi Fatal1ty with X-Ram - and that is a big step up from the sound blaster live! 3d sound and super base.

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