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Thread: Voltage on a GPU

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    Default Voltage on a GPU

    I am reaching a wall in my overclock tests with my 8800GTX. I figure i should be able to mimick what i did with my CPU overclock, and that is increase the voltage of my GPU to get a bit more. I have an EVGA, so if something goes wrong i will be covered with their warranty.

    My question is, how do i get into the Bios of my GPU, if i even have to, to increase the voltage of it.

    PS. I will not use nTune.

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    Default Re: Voltage on a GPU

    You can adjust the voltage sent to the PCI-E port in your motherboard BIOS. Coolbits used to be a great (and easy to use and FREE) utility for nVidia cards, but I've been using ATI for so long that I don't even know if this utility is even still available.
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    Default Re: Voltage on a GPU

    Nbitor is the way to change the bios on Nvidia based cards. Just be **** certain of any voltage changes first since they are sure to insta-fry something and even EVGA won't like a changed bios that you cannot flash back. Besides, I am pretty sure you can only change the voltages with either a pencil mod or a hard mod.
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