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Thread: need opinion about my video card

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    Default need opinion about my video card

    To intro, here is my system

    Intel E6550
    2 GB dual channel DDR2-800 MHz PC6400 Crucial Ballistic
    eVGA GeForce 8600 GTS 512 MB
    Hitachi Deskstar T7k500 500 GB SATA 3 Gb/s
    Samsung DVD burner

    What do you think? The video card is about $210. Is it worth the ~$35 upgrade from 256 to 512 MB? Or with the $210, there are better options out there? The main purpose for the PC is for HDTV OTA (OnAir USB HDTV GT).


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    Default Re: need opinion about my video card

    i'd spend the $35

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    Default Re: need opinion about my video card

    More video memory isn't always better, it might look that way to start but research your specs to see what it is you are actually buying.

    If it's the exact same card for $35 more and gaining the extra 256mb in ram sure go for it. This unfortunately isn't the case for most 512mb value and mid-range cards which usually have some combination of the following "features" in comparison to their 256mb counterparts:

    1. Slower in the:
      • GPU
      • Memory
      • Ramdac
    2. Have a different Memory type i.e. DDR3 for the 256mb and DDR2 for the 512mb
    3. Have a different Memory interface i.e. 256-bit for the 256mb and 128-bit for the 512mb

    In your case,

    the 256mb card:
    675 MHz GPU
    32 Pixel Pipelines
    400 MHz RAMDAC
    256 MB, 128 bit DDR3
    2000 MHz (effective)
    32 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
    The 512mb card:
    540 MHz GPU
    32 Pixel Pipelines
    400 MHz RAMDAC
    512 MB, 128 bit DDR3
    1400 MHz (effective)
    22.4 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
    So, to get the 512mb card, you'll be slowing down your GPU and your Memory speed, thus limiting your bandwidth for your gfx subsystem. Naturally it's your call, but I'd say the 256mb card is better for you.
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