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Thread: Radeon HD power consumption help

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    Default Radeon HD power consumption help

    I recently bought an Ati 3870 so obviously I had to improve on my 300watts no pci express 6-pin conector power supply. I read than an 3870 would work just fine with a 450watt PSU so I got a 500w just to be safe. I installed my new card and my new power supply, conected everything, and just when everything seemed to be going just fine my pc shuts down, this kept happening again and again, so i tought that maybe my new 3870 was the problem, so i plugged back in my old x1600 pro. The same shut downs happened with my old card, so obviously the problem was the power supply. Perhaps my new PSU isnt sending enough current (amps) to my ati cards to that matter i have no idea how much current do my ati cards require.
    Can anyone help with this, cause it sucks to have a brand new 3870 and still having to stick with my old x1600 and old PSU.
    I have a pentium D 3.2ghz, 3 gb of ram, and a gigabyte motherboard.

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    Default Re: Radeon HD power consumption help

    the 500w power supply is an Agiler (pretty much generic imo) while the 300w i have no idea cause it came with the case.
    Agiler 500 watts powersupply: +5v (40A), +12v (19A), +3.3v (35A), -12v(0.8A), -5v(0.5A), +5vsb(2A)
    Old generic 300 watts PSU: +5v(30A), +12v(15A), +3.3v(28A), -12v(0.8A), -5v(0.3A), +5vsb(2A)

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    Default Re: Radeon HD power consumption help

    Since it is generic it may be having problems with the load. If you're going to go with anything in the range of 500w or lower, I always recommend getting a quality power supply (actually I always recommend a quality PSU but it is even more important at the low range). The 3800 series graphics boards can draw a bit over 200 watts under full load and will pull from the 12v rail. Looking at your 500w PSU, it looks to be more suited to an older Athlon based system with the high 5v rail and a crappy 12v rating. You can pretty much ignore any of the negative voltage rails and just make sure you have a hefty 12v rail(s) built into the PSU.

    Hopefully you can trade it back in for a more appropriate model.
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