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Thread: Running SLi

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    Default Running SLi

    I assume this is in the right section to post, I have a Gigabute 7600GT video card, and know nothing about SLi, but can I run this video card in SLi mode with say an nVidia 8600GT or do I need to get another 7600GT, or just bit the bullet and get 2 8600/8800GT's.

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    Default Re: Running SLi

    You need to have two matched cards. Mixing 7600GT and 8600GT will not work. I'm currently using two 7600GTs in SLI and so far am very pleased with thier performance in any game I've chosen to play. Not certain if I'd normally have chosen to go with SLI but thanks to Tweaktown and Asus for sponsering a contest a year ago I'm still very content with my graphics. Depending upon how much money you want to spend you would prolly be better off with a single 8800GTS but if you already have a 7600GT and an SLI motherboard then getting another matching GPU may be a good option. Another thing to keep in mind is that the 7600 series only uses DX9 so if you want Vista with DX10 eyecandy then you'll need a newer card. For reference I'm currently playing Hellgate London @ 1680X1050 resolution with most of the eyecandy options maxed out.
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    Default Re: Running SLi

    Thanks for that, it helps immensely. Looks like it's another 7600GT, as I'm not all that interested in Vista at the moment, maybe once they release the first service pack but not until then.

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    Default Re: Running SLi

    I would consider selling your 7600GT and take that money with what you were going to spend on a second 7600GT and buy one 8800GTS (G92) card. You will be much happer, and if you ever decided to use Vista, your already one step ahead. Both of my 8600GT cards in SLI will not even come close to what on 8800 series card will do.
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    Default Re: Running SLi

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