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Thread: Calling all HD4870 512 Mb owners.

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    Default Calling all HD4870 512 Mb owners.

    Please I need help!

    I have flashed the BIOs on both my HD4870's to unstable versions and cannot find the correct bioses for them. I backed them both up but then formatted so i am kind of stuck.

    Anyone who has either a stock cooler Gecube hd4870 Part number hd487xtg5-e3(R) or basically any Gecube hd4870 512 please send me your BIOS. I will truly appreciate it.

    Also anyone who owns a Force 3D HD4870 512 DHT Freezer Could you please send me your BIOS I dont know where else to turn. Please I really need these BIOSes i have been without a properly working PC for 2 weeks.

    You can either email them to me directly or in a more simple Step just upload them directly to Techpowerup. Here is the Program you will need to do so. GPU-Z the Bios upload is just next to the bios version.

    Thanks to anyone who can get me either one of these.


    techPowerUp! :: Download TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.2.8

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    Default Re: Calling all HD4870 512 Mb owners.


    Have you managed to find a bios for this card yet, if so could you please post it. I flashed mine and now windows says its a vga controller and the drivers for it wont install.

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    Default Re: Calling all HD4870 512 Mb owners.

    I only ever really ....HAD.... to update the bios on one graphics card. A 7800gt that wasn't right. And this was only because EVGA had posted something about bad bios' on these particular cards. I've had somewhere near one hundred cards to mess with so far. All the rest were fine.
    Doing this when you don't have to or doing it because some "hotshot" somewhere said he did it and said it dramatically increased performance..... blah, blah, blah....... Is really dumb in my opinion. You only get minimal gains ( 2-5 extra FPS )... and not worth destroying your card for, which is what happened here.( ? ) And if you don't do a voltage tweak along with it.......
    If you want to get extra performance I take what I can get from the auto over clock from the CCC panel. And when it finds it's max I back off a little and increase the fan speed a little and never had a card die on me. I feel sorry for you..... but this is something that shouldn't be messed with.

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