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Thread: The big screen!

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    I pick up my DreamVision Starlight DL500 projector tonight :D :D ! I'll be watching DVD's on a 330cm display all weekend! It's gonna be great!

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    Hate to rain on your parade, but until you've played a PS2 on a cinema screen, you ain't seen nothing.. :)

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    But this is going to be in my own theater room with a beer fridge and everything!!!........ I still don't win do I!?!

    Seriously though, what was the display like? I've been told PS2 looks like crap on a big screen because it doesn't use a progressive scan. I spose being a cinema though, they'd have pretty decent video processors?

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    Actually, it was a LAN we had at a public auditorium thing. The screen was down, and I 'borrowed' a couple cheap portable projectors from work.. hooked up two PS2's side by side on the big screen. Quality wasn't too bad at all...

    A couple times I've taken one home for the weekend though. They are very nice watching TV with. ;)

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    It is good isn't it :D ! Home theater as a serious hobbie keeps you very poor though :( !

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    That's why I just borrow the gear.. I don't actually go out and buy it.. :)

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    I think theres a leson in there for me. I've sunk over 15K on my home theater in the last 18 months:(

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    You must watch a lot o' movies.

    What kind of popcorn popper you got for a setup like that:?:
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    After spending that kinda monet I can't afford a popcorn popper!:rolleyes:

    I made a mistake with my screen size too. It's actually 370cm diagonal, which is just under 3m wide and about 2.2m high. I just watched Pearl Harbour! Very impressive:D! Lucky I've got about 60 DVD's on my server, I can't afford to go and hire or buy any until pay day ;) .

    The image should give you an idea. I haven't got a screen yet, but thta's a 68cm tv you can see at the bottom! MMMM......Big


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    very nice.. Now, I don't know how far you want to take this, but I think you can buy a special kind of paint that diffuses the light differently when it hits the wall. Kinda like a projection screen... If you want that little bit more quality, I suggest you try find some of that... :)

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