Hey all.

I was playin an old HL Mod Fav of mine, NS (natural selection), though when I quited the prog the desktop was really over white, looks like the contrast is on about 500%.

The odd thing, when i extend my desktop to my TV, its fine.
When I watch movies or look at pictures it seems fine, its only the desktop and Firefox pages that look really overly white.

This has happened before with NS, but always fixed it by simply restarting or startin NS again and quiting again, this time it wont budge.

I've tried shutting down, auto-refreshing the screen, changing it's settings, unplugging it - tried reinstalling the display drivers and testing every display setting I can think of, still the desktop is overly white and.

I'm out of ideas on how to fix this, short of a format (which I can do, comp is partitioned) which I don't really want to do as its 6hrs of installing.

Spec is:
Brand new.
Intel Core2duo 3.0ghz
Radeon 4800 OC 1GB
4GB Corsair
1TB Seagate 32mb
Samsung LCD
XP Prof

Comp is working fine and its brand new, just had it shipped to me a month ago. Like I said certain things work on it which make me think its a driver issue and not an issue with the screen.