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Thread: TV Tuner/Capture Card Suggestion!

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    Hello, I am in need of some help. I am looking for a way to capture some home movies i have to VCD Quality video so i can burn them since my tapes are degrading a bit already. I was looking at this card and it seems perfect but i thought i would try and get some input on it from users who have owned or own one currently. How's the quality of the capture? Audio? What formats can u capture too? Can u watch T.V in full screen? Any problems with VIA Chipsets and the card.? Or problems in WinXP? Or maybe suggestions for another card? Thanks for any suggestions,comments and help.

    Below are my 2 main choices.
    Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP

    AverTV Studio
    Asus A7V333
    Athlon XP 1800+
    Thermalright AX-7
    Crucial 512mb PC2100 DDR
    eVGA GeForce3 64mb DDR
    C-Media 8738 Audio
    WD 40gig & 30gig ATA100
    Lite On DVD-Rom & CD-R/W
    3COM Etherlink 10/100
    Promise Ultra100 TX2 PCI

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    a guy name 'skepper' had this to say:
    i have a Belkin USB Video Bus which is a short lead with Analog video -> USB adapters. I love these things, they are cheap (0 AU from computer markets) and do the job perfectly for those who dont have a dv with firewire. everyone has a usb port. I use it regularly for webcasting, even from my dv. they come with their own edit suites though u are right to use premiere. i love handy little gadgets like this, and imho analog cap cards should take a hint from the dodo
    The entire thread is here:

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    The recent Lifeview cards are very good.
    My Box:
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4C @ 2.7
    DFI 875P Lanparty
    512Mb Geil PC3500 Dual Channel (Cas 2-6-3-3 @450MHz DDR)
    Leadtek A280 Geforce4 4200 MyVIVO
    Audigy DE
    1 x 73Gb Seagate fibre channel 10krpm (boot drive) with LSI HBA
    1x80Gig Seagate Barracuda ATA V
    1x120Gig Western Digital 8mb cache
    Spiffy Antec Super Lanboy (LED fan and UV light)

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    Anyone know how good the Hauppauge range of anaolog/digital TV tuner cards are? They read very well, but looks like they'll cost about $600-$700.

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