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Thread: Lost in the details... 2 Vid Cards

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    Default Lost in the details... 2 Vid Cards

    I was using an ASUS ATI Radeon 9600 and decided to upgrade asking my tech to install the best possible card for my MB, an ASUS P4P 800. He installed an nVidia 6200 which has twice the memory. Windows did an automatic install of a security upgrade which crashed my system. I had to reinstall the os (WinXP Pro) from the CD and now I can't get the nVidia card to work.

    The original nVidia install CD does not do the job; the driver upgrade from stalls and takes > 30 mins to get to the wizard. Short of developing a serious techno rage on my machine I was hoping someone here could give me some friendly advice (other than: LYNUX! - if I didn't game I would be a unix dude all the way...)

    So here it is in the nutshell:
    1) is there a solution to my nVidia card delemna?
    2) should I go back to the 9600 or is the nVidia card that much better?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: SOLUTION: the problem was that I activated Windows before I installed all of my devices. So don't activate your Windows os until all devices have been installed (... and drivers have been upgraded?).
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