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Thread: Can I connect these two with the Sli bridge?

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    Default Can I connect these two with the Sli bridge?

    I have a Pny 9800 gtx+

    I just recived free a Pny 9500 gt 512 gig

    they both have the sli connector on top but the 9800 has 2 as in duo connector
    I saw the quad connettor to but that wont fit right because the 9500 only has the single

    any help
    thank you

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    Default Re: Can I connect these two with the Sli bridge?

    Nope. Generally speaking you must have two matched GPUs with the same chip. Here is a SLI faq list from nVidia: FAQ On the up side you should be able to set up the weaker card as a PhysX card if you are interested in going that route. Here is a list of games that suppoert PhysX: PhysX Games List And here is a PhysX faq: PhysX FAQ
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    Default Re: Can I connect these two with the Sli bridge?

    It was a suprise free be any way
    I slamed it in my PCI e slot to see if it is working
    it's good
    now I will
    just sell it ( I wish I had time to play games HAHAHA)

    thanks for the reply
    maybe I found a new second home

    oh yeah I have almost all the games on my PC even 1000's from nes nintendo ps2, era\\ now the new generation stuff I hardley ever touch the old simpl stuff with having the new like HL HL2 FEAR2 quake4 <okokk haha, call of duty4 x blades tom clansy sim3 burnout paradise prince of persia tlr I am a nut huh oh lyeah eft for dead
    what can i say
    Oh the only one that does not work on high frame rates on my system is


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    Default Re: Can I connect these two with the Sli bridge?

    hehe its time to get a new computer :)
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    Default Re: Can I connect these two with the Sli bridge?

    I have a 2 sweet computers of my own.

    1 is way cool it has a asus p5n-d mobo Q9450 q2c liquid cool 4 gig ddr2 pc64 800 corsair + 4 gig pc64 800 samsung a pny 9800gtx+ 512 mg 750 watt corsair power supply 2 750 gig Hard drive and a lightscrib and a dvdrw all in a LIAN LIE case with 3 120mm clear fans with blue lights
    with a 22" asus hdmi pannel with Vista ultimat and tons of cool software!

    then I have a nice mobo that cam from a HP M8020n but a crap O **** case with no face plate and no side cover . it has a E5400 with 4 gig pny pc64 800 mem and a 37 gig hd and a TV card with a 19" Samsung pannel

    then I have a 17" HD ACER bench pannel for repairs rebuilds blah blah
    and a 15" crap O **** pannel.
    But now I have nine other new rigs for sale

    I had the 9500 Gt card as a suprise from one of the rigs for sale. I guess someone forgot to take it out

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