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Thread: ASUS EAH5870 1GB coming out which are stronger the maximum 17%

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    Default ASUS EAH5870 1GB coming out which are stronger the maximum 17%

    Since AMD launched the HD5870 series vga, it became the most powerful vga to date. ASUS waste no time supplying them to the market. I was lucky enough to get a first-look preview of the ASUS newest EAH5870 vga.

    There are already many in-depth reviews of the HD5870, so Iíll focus on the feature ASUS has to offer. From the following slides, we can see ASUS has exclusive voltage and clock tweak on SmartDoctor software. For maximum vCore 1.35v, you can push the GPU clock over 1000MHz easily. Even in Crossfire mode, the vCore will be adjusted simultaneously, which is good if you want to overclock multiple cards.

    ASUS is also offering a DX11 game bundle, a coupon for DiRT 2. Since the HD5870 series provide Eyefinity feature, Iíll be trying to playing it with three 24Ē LCD monitors. Sadly, the game will be released in December, Iíll have wait till then.

    Hereís some photos of the card itself.
    Front & back side of the box

    DiRT 2 rally game bundled & Voltage tweak

    Open box



    The card

    Longer than 4870/4890



    ASUS is very sensitive to add cover to all unused connectors.
    Hope theyíll add covers to Displayport and HDMI.

    Add back-plate to the rear side, not seen on HD4800 series.

    GPU backside

    Supporter frame

    Remove back-plate


    Naked pcb

    Power side, dual 6-pin connectors

    Output side

    GPU shot


    Heatsink parts

    0.8amp, hope it wonít have to run 100% speed.

    4 heat-pipes for GPU and memory

    This one for digital VRM

    Crossfire ready !!


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    Default Re: ASUS EAH5870 1GB coming out which are stronger the maximum 17%

    AMAZING. What price is this card?

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