It's all the same to me really.

I don't mind either way. I just figured I'd help out with the questions you had to help you find what's best for you.

Unless you're born filthy rich lol 4-600 on equipment is a LOT of money. If it's something you want it's fine, no waste, but a bit of money to spend anyways.

As I said all along, games are usually compressed music and speakers of that calibre if you have a certain level sound card too will make game audio start to sound kinda iffy, depending on the game some will outright suck. Then you have to factor in if that's a big deal to you or not.

All in all those are more geared to audio enthusiasts in the lower end and people who want pretty high grade home theaters but don't want to break the bank such as 3000+ for everything, some cases those Thiel speakers I mentioned are 7k a speaker lol or tower I should say, each floor standing unit has a few woofers and 1 ,maybe 2 tweeters and a sub built into the towers.

I wouldn't call it an effed up or s hitty thing to do if that's the word you were going for. You were polite and said thanks so it's not rude, you just decided on not going to the 500 set up that's all.

Hope those work great for ya. I never heard them so sadly for your case I can't say any pro's or con's about them.

An age old rule though, doesn't matter what level it is even if those are pretty low level overall, if it sounds good to you and works, what's it matter what anyone else says.