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Thread: Is this a good av receiver?

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    Default Is this a good av receiver?

    I want a new av receiver which has true hd audio, is this one any good?
    Onkyo TX-SR606 Review

    I want it to go with a popcorn hour c-200 which i'll hopefully get in the new year

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    Default Re: Is this a good av receiver?

    Yeah that's a really good receiver. I've liked Onkyo stuff for a while but lately I've heard they have issues with HDMI and others regarding longevity of the components. Maybe a bad batch got through or the people don't take care of the stuff.

    Personally you could also try one of these in that price range.

    Pioneer USA - Pioneer A/V Receivers

    Denon USA | AVR-1910

    Denon USA | AVR-790

    Denon is one of the oldest electronics companies on the planet, perhaps the oldest still around it was founded in the 1880s late or early 1890s and pioneer is shy by 2-3 years so they're both old and are grand masters at what they do.

    Other than now I've never had a Denon Receiver, always had Pioneer mostly but I love it so far and most I know who have Denon's swear by them with the utmost loyalty lol.

    But remember if you're piecing components yourself do research and match speakers and get proper wiring and the right cables. Some Denon receivers don't like certain model blu-ray/dvd players and some speakers don't work all that well but most enthusiast even entry level stuff is anal about that lol.

    In my experience Pioneer seems the most friendly or forgiving and will be more compatible with speakers, dvd/blu-ray players etc so..... you might consider that too. As for that media server, I don't use those or know many that do so not sure if the receivers will not like them, I use my computer as my media server as well so....

    But Google is your friend, my friend. Just search to see if there are any known issues and keep in mind what I said, though it is just my experience, Pioneer seems to work and play nicer with more stuff than others.
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