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Thread: 21" Monitor

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    For a 21" monitor i'd have to reccomend (CRT wise) the Philips 201P21, Pretty small footprint for a 21" especially compared to the trinitron, and not exceptionally heavy either. ANd in almost all specs it beats the sony monitors too :)

    And zeradul - what's this about LCDs being unusable for competition level gamin? Have you only ever seen really bad and cheap LCDs? Plenty of LCDs are FINE for gaming, and while they may occasionally have a slight blur every time i've used one I haven't felt hindered by that in any way.
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    They are a lot easier to carry around.

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    Silencer - Without a doubt they are getting better, but as you start to get to the upper levels of skill in many FPS's you simply need flawless clarity in various situations. For example to constantly check your back, or in the case of my favorite mod, grapple from wall to wall. So this means spinning 180 degrees, making a very quick glance, and then spinning back to the direction you are moving, all in a fifth or a sixth of a second, and no LCD display has passed that test yet, for me. Even the very expensive ones, like the one that just came on a friend's 3000$ dell laptop. Seriously, whenever things are moving quickly on the screen, it is very noticable. Ever seen an LCD at QuakeCon?

    But if you are playing an FPS that is gentle and calm like CS, where noone is ever behind you because you are moving so slow, then yea, I'm sure an LCD is fine. And many other types of games, just whenever the picture on the screen isn't changing fast enough for it to matter, yea an LCD is fine for that too. But even some action movies on DVD's will seem sloppy during fast moving scenes.
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