It caught the ball, ran for a few 'yards' and FUMBLEE!. NV4_DISP.DLL error. That's how this card perform when it's up against Neverwinter Nights 2. All the recruits, 195.62, 196.21, 197.13 or the latest 197.45 driver version from Nvidia were the same.

Reports were saying that this card, across the globe, was not a match to this game. After numerous attempts up to reformatting the system (needless but too pissed off) just to run this game, the only software installed and running after system update (hotfixed and drivers), the same happened.

Now, any of you guys using 200 series Nvidia cards (other than 240 GT but like 220, 250, 260 or 285) got better luck with this game? Or shall you propose the rival, say 5770?