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Thread: Should I wait for my 5870 or get 2 5830s?

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    Question Should I wait for my 5870 or get 2 5830s?

    Hey guys,

    I'm just looking for advice from you all :) I've been a long time Tweaktown reader, now it's time to be a forum user :P

    I have ordered a Gigabyte 5870 Super OC:

    It looks like a great card, and I really want it. The issue however is that the place I ordered it from has to get it in from their suppliers, and they have been waiting 2 weeks and there are no reports on when it might be ready :(

    So I am having to consider other options. When checking out perfomance charts, I noticed that 2 x 5830s are generally faster then a 5870. This sounds like a good option to me (I can live with the increased power usage and heat) so what I want to know is this: Are there any serious issues with Crossfire? Are there situations where I will be stuck playing on 1 5830?

    Simply, what do you think I should do, wait unknown time or switch?

    Extra Info:
    I'm running 2 monitors, a 1680x1050 and 1920x1200.
    I play all my games in 1920x1200.
    The card/s will go into a 1366 i7 based system. I'm buying this regardless, so there is no increased cost in going Crossfire.

    Linking to charts.. BLASPHEMER :O
    General Performance Charts:
    Charts, benchmarks 2010 Gaming Graphics Charts (High Quality), Sum of FPS Benchmarks 1920x1200

    Comparison of 5870 vs 2x5830 CF (You have to copy paste this link.. sorry >.<),2262.html?prod[4199]=on&prod[4193]=on

    Any advice or help is greatly appreciated :)
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    Default Re: Should I wait for my 5870 or get 2 5830s?

    Get the 5830 x 1 until the 5870 comes in and crossfire them together when you have both for some crazy gpu action. I was thinking of adding an 5830 to my 5870 system for some testing and I hear the 5830 would not make the 5870 scale down to it so they both run fun speed. (in theory).
    A few games have issues with crossfore but we are seeing new profiles and driver fixes pretty fast now. For instance, ffxiv was having some xf issues and have already released a fix before the game is released.
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