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Thread: Question about Monitor...size and type

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    Default Question about Monitor...size and type

    Hey all (it's been a while),
    I'm in the market for a new computer monitor. I'm deciding between a 24" and 27". I like the 27" but am thinking it's overkill. Also, I've found 27" LCD monitors for around $300 but am wondering if I'm sacrificing quality for price since there are 24" monitors for about $279. Note that both have 2ms response times. The rest of the specs are not necessarily the same. Also, I know there are LCD monitors and LCD tvs. I'm not sure what the difference is between a 27" monitor and 27" TV. Is in the Inputs? I'm not really using the monitor as a TV so I don't necessarily need speakers and tv tuner in the monitor. This is the one I was looking at: - ViewSonic X Series VX2739WM 27" 1ms HDMI Full HD 1080p Widescreen LCD Monitor w/ 4 port USB-hub300 cd/m2 DC 100,000:1(1200:1) Built-in Speakers

    Another question I have is regarding a dual monitor setup. If my video card has 2 DVI's and one HDMI can I use run one monitor off of HDMI and the other off of DVI? What is the purpose of HDMI? To hook up a cable box or other external source? Does DVI provide a better quality picture than HDMI?

    sorry for all the questions but I'm not too familiar..last time I bought a monitor I didn't pay attention to resolution, I just paid attention to price and ended up with a 21" monitor with a 1650x1050 resolution. which i don't like because of the big icons and less space.

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    Default Re: Question about Monitor...size and type

    For about a year I ran a 32" LCD TV as a monitor. Loved it. Loved the space. But alas we now have cable, least till Feb 11th.
    There is a phasing out of the DVI and older monitor inputs in favor of newer technologies, thus HDMI. If your video card has HDMI and your monitor has HDMI, use that, it can carry more information, thus better picture. As to running an HDMI monitor and an DVI on the same card, you should not have any issues, the only problem is if the monitors are of different sizes your want to set up TWO desktops and not extend the desktop.

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    Default Re: Question about Monitor...size and type

    The linked monitor is quite nice and great value.
    The difference between a monitor and a TV isn't huge but with a TV you'll get a lot less configuration options and you may be paying for stuff you'll never use.
    Price doesn't always dictate quality and seeing a monitor that is much smaller at a similar price to a much larger one doesn't mean the larger one is bad. It can be something as simple as the smaller monitor being made by a company who want top dollar for everything they make or it may have some new technology which set the company back a lot but isn't too noticably different.
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