Hi to all

I am newbie here in this AV section as well as in building up HTPC.

I am inspired to write here having read article authored by Mr.Cameron Wilmot. At the bottom is the link to the wonderful guide.

First & foremost I would like to thank the author for such a nice informative article.

My main motto to write you is to explore possibility to bitstream HD audio using my current PC

My PC configuration is as follows

1. Intel core 2 quad 2.6GHz
2. Biostar P43A7 MOBO
3. 4GB corsair DDR2 RAM
4. MSI ATI Radeon 4350 graphics card 512MB.
6. Windows 7 ultimate
7. Power DVD9

Now I would like to have the members valuable comments on the following.

1 can I bitsream HD audio using my current MOBO which has intel chipset and PCIE 16x (5000 series cards have 16X2.1 PCIE)

2 is it possible to bitstream HD audio using current graphics card

3 My current graphics card has DVI-D dual link only. Is it possible to bitstream through the port using HDMI adapter?

5 As mentioned in the article , any radeon 5000 series card is sufficient to bitstream.Does MSI RADEON 5450 possess sufficient power to bitstream as well as process BLU RAY 3D?

6 When I use RADEON 5450 card, is it possible to use DVI-D port to send video signal to display and HDMI port to send HD audio to AV receiver simultaneously.

7 is it possible to bitstream using POWERDVD 9. The author has mentioned only powerdvd 10 only.

Any comment would be of immense help as it / would help me save few bucks

Thanks in advance.

ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series Blu-ray HD Audio Bitstream Guide - Getting bitstreaming working the steps required! :: TweakTown USA Edition