Hi Folks

I have an issue with my samsung monitor not detecting any graphic card I install and I have installed 3 different cards, nor will it detect the onboard graphics; makes no difference whether VGA or DVI is used. hard disk, cd-drive, sound card, everything is running except the graphics. I am totally stumped about how to fix this. The monitor is not broken as it runs on another computer I have. Whenever I connect the VGA cable it tells me to connect the Digital cable and visa versa. No beeps, new PSU, all plugs are in the correct place as far as I can tell. The monitor brought up the bios screen once yesterday and now nothing. The three cards tried were the Nvidia 550ti, geforce 8600GT & sapphire radeon 5770.

Spec's just incase

Monitor - Samsung BD2230
Graphic card (already installed) Nvidia 550ti
Sound blaster SB24 sound card
A-RAM 1333 DDR3 - 8GB
Motherboard ASrock H61M/U3S3
OS - Win7 64bit