I'm having a few issues where a TV coaxial signal amplifier is in sort-of close proximity to a computer LCD monitor, and the amp appears to be suffering from EMI from the LCD monitor. The amp and monitor do not share a wall outlet, but the outlet and coax cabling etc are under a desk where the LCD monitor sits.

I've tried a few things to help, including using shielded coax, ensuring all connections are tightly screwed/plugged in and reducing the gain on the amp as much as possible to achieve a clear signal on the TV its connected to. However, as soon as I power on the LCD monitor, the TV signal and sound go to poop, which appears to be caused by EMI from the LCD monitor. I have also eliminated the PC on the desk being the source of the EMI, and can easily reproduce the issue by turning the LCD monitor on/off.

Any suggestions? I'm in a rental so limited to a wall based amplifier as apposed to a mast one (I also have FTTH over which the signal travels so no "mast"). One option would be to beg the FTTH supplier for access into their terminating unit to install the coax amp at the splitter but absolutely want to avoid that if possible, and then there is the problem with getting power to it as its on the side of my house.