I'm wondering if anyone has come across reports or reviews of affordable LCD (or other similar technology) displays that beat out decent CRT's as of yet. All I ever seem to come across with PC monitors has been Widescreen LCD's that are much larger width-wise than the CRT I've been using (Hyundai ImageQuest P910+) that still cannot get even close to the resolutions I use.

My issue is basically that I'm not depth restricted but rather width restricted so an LCD meeting my needs still isn't available it would seem in the following specs:

- Minimum 2560x1920 Max Resolution @ 60hz
- Maximum 19" Display Area
- Preferably 4:3 or 5:4 display ratio
- Pure blacks
- Doesn't light up the whole room even at the lowest brightness
- 120watt maximum power draw(*)
- Can be used as a cat perch (joking there)

*= I've seen thus far in many specs of those with about 3/4 the resolution but 2~3x the screen size end up drawing near this already around the 80-110 watt mark or more on a few cases.