On my new Z77X-UDH5 I have FSX on a 3-Moitor set-up running off the DVI-I (Output 1 on Gigabyte 660ti GPU) into Matrox TH2Go. I'm trying to get my 7" Touchscreen VGA monitor to run as the secondary display to run my SimTouch Program in conjunction with FSX.

I didn't have a problem doing it with my old computer where I simply tied the 7" monitor into the DVI-I output on an ATI 5800 card by using a DVI-I to VGA adapter.

However, with the Gigabyte 660ti I can't get a converted VGA signal out of the DVI-I output using the same DVI-I to VGA adapter ??

I initially tried to run off the on-board video output which has both VGA and DVI-D outputs, but it was showing the smaller 7" monitor as the "Primary" and was messing up my Matrox set-up. So I disabled the on-board video in the Bios and am now just running the Matrox off the 660ti DVI-I output. Matrox now shows my 3-monitor set-up as the "Primary Display"

Anyone got any ideas how I can get VGA output to my 7" Touchscreen ? I'm considering trying to use the Display Port output on the 660ti with an Active Display Port to VGA adapter.

Any thoughts or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

Rick / Canada